ZQF Implementation Strategy

This part will present the practical steps and interventions necessary for the Zambia Qualifications Authority to establish, operate and maintain the Zambia Qualifications Framework.

 Qualifications will be generated from a number of sources. Among these are:
  • Government Ministries seeking knowledge and skills necessary for the attainment of sectoral development objectives (e.g. knowledge and skills in Civil Engineering necessary for management of water and development of irrigation systems for enhanced agricultural production, leading to increased exports);
  • Education and Training Institutions, recognizing, and reacting to existing knowledge and skills gaps or projected education and skills requirements;
  • Industry seeking knowledge and skills for improved productivity and product development;
  • Professional Associations, recognizing new development is content of knowledge and skills in particular disciplines.

Figure 3 illustrates an approach to collate all these requirements onto a common platform, and for their placement on the Zambia Qualifications Framework.

Sources of Qualifications


 The Zambia Qualifications Authority will obtain and retain two fundamental date sets. These are:
  • Qualifications Descriptors, and
  • Learner Achievement Records
 Qualifications are a national description of competence that a learner will have at the end of their learning. Each qualification will describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes or values that can be expected of any learner on completing their learning in this area. Qualifications thus provide the focus of the ZQF and are holistically focused on competence. A qualification is either a focused employable skills package (occupational) or a more generic set of knowledge and competence that allows for employability in a sector (vocational).

A qualification may, therefore, be defined as:

  • A coherent set of learning outcomes that captures the competence and knowledge that a learner will have achieved by the end of a Learning Programme,
  • Conforming to the ZQF criteria for qualification registration,
  • Consisting of a minimum of 1200 notional learning hours,(approximately 1 year of learning), and
  • Being registered on a level of the TQF.

All qualifications will be registered using the same format. In the case of a qualification that a provider or a professional or employer body wishes to register the obligation is on the applying provider or body to write up and submit the qualification in the correct format.

Figure shows the format for a Qualification Descriptor.

Annex 1 gives generic Qualifications Descriptors at all levels of the Zambia Qualifications Authority. It will be necessary to prepare Descriptors for all Qualifications and Levels in Zambia’s education and training system.

 The Zambia Qualifications Authority will obtain data on all candidates enrolled on Registered Qualifications. This will be EXIT DATA, and not enrollment, nor progression details. The data set is illustrated in Figure below.

Figure shows Data Set on Learner Achievement Record

 ZAQA will design, develop, implement and operate two main Data Bases. These are:
  • The Database on all Zambian Qualifications placed on the Zambia Qualifications Authority;
  • Database of all Learner Achievements in the Education and Skills Training system of Zambia.

Access to the databases will be controlled in accordance with agreed protocols in order to assure confidentiality of personal information and data. Specifically, these Databases will not be accessible to the general public, save for the general information contained in the Reports which the Zambia Qualifications Authority will publish in the course of executing its functions. The Databases will form the major components of the overall Zambia Qualifications Information Management System (ZQIMS). The structure of ZQIMS is illustrated below.

Figure shows The Zambia Qualifications Information Management System (ZQIMS)

 The Zambia Qualifications Authority will work with a variety of stakeholders in the design, implementation and operation of the Zambia Qualifications Framework. Table 1 shows a summary of the roles of stakeholders in this effort.