Benefits Of ZAQA

ZQFs present opportunities for education and training institutions to:

  • become innovative in delivery of education and training, focusing on the attainment of learning outcomes;
  • design different education and training modes for different learners,
  • introduce flexibility in education and training delivery by being “learner-centered”;


The establishment of the NQF will present the following advantages to Government:

  • Qualifications will act as the “driver” of education and training reforms. This will be achieved through (i) improving the flexibility of education and training systems, (ii) widening participation, and (iii) enhancing the mobility of learners and potential learners.
  • An NQF provides an instrument for making educational and training institutions more accountable for the achievement of learning outcomes.
  • An NQF provides quantitative measures for comparing different national systems.


NQFs present the following benefits for learners:

  • Learners know what they have to know in order to obtain recognition;
  • Opportunities for learners to choose their own learning paths, towards a qualification;
  • Opportunity for learners to move both vertically and horizontally in the framework;
  • Opportunities for life-long learning and;
  • Recognition of Prior Learning.
 The NQF presents the following advantages to employers;
  • A qualification will represent a known and recognized level of educational attainment and/or skills;
  • The employer knows what the learner knows and work assignments can be tailored to the level of knowledge or skills of the employee;
  • The wage structure of the company can be rationalized on the basis of attainment of recognized qualifications;

NQFs provide possibilities for enhanced regional (SADC) co-operation through:

  • mobility of skills across the SADC region, as a consequence of increasing cross-border investments and trade;
  • increased ability of companies to operate in different countries of the region, using local skills in each country;
  • enhanced ability to harmonise skills development efforts.